Needing to update your Web Browsers

CreataCRM prouds its self in using the latest technology to help our clients to get the best product for them. Because of this, there is certain Web Browsers we dont support now. This document helps you with update your Web Browser or help you identify what supported web browsers.

Chrome Preference

Our Preference in testing is Google Chrome. From the 13th May 2019, it has been tested, and working on the test version of chrome, Which was Version 75.0.3770.100, Chrome updates regularly, so it is ideal to update your Web Browses for many reason. To update Chrome, We have found older version dont work, from our limited records, clients with version 64 and below doesnt work.

Update Chrome

  1. Chick on the updates on the top right corner, If there yellow button is not there, its likely already updated.
  2. Click on Update Google Chrome.

When updating CreataCRM with Chrome You need to (Empty Cache & Reload)

Web Browsers cache the site on your device, The issue with this is, when you update CreataCRM, we have updated code, However, your device is still using the old code, which will effect your users experience. Every update for CreataCRM, we need to Empty the cache and reload (removing old code on your device) and then reloading (meaning download new code) Here is the instructions how to do this We need Empty cache and Hard Reload option.

Firefox Supported

Also, like Chrime, we need you to be on the latest version, To update firefox, follow these instructions

When updating CreataCRM with FireFox (Empty Cache & Reload)

  1. Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button.
  2. Or Hold down Ctrl and press F5.

Other Browsers

Edge Supported : but Not our first preference

There is major changes happening to Edge at the moement, As Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge Browser on Chrome Meaning it will be using Chromium very shortly, We feel if their is an issue with Edge, likely it will fix it self when changing. On April 8, 2019, the first Chromium-based builds of Edge were released to the public, So soon than later it will be more Chrome than Edge. Also we have seen older version of firefox not working, From the 13th May 2019 , Verion 66 was working

Unsupported Web Browsers (MS Internet Explorer)

Internet Explorer 11 : Microsoft now is focus on Edge, They are encouraging Edge, and we have found that we using standard functions in CreataCRM, that just doesnt work, IE doesnt support key functions that creataCRM needs to use, because of this, we can asking users not to use IE. More information of IE from Mircosoft

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