Setting up your SPF record for CreataCRM SMTP Servers - Adding a include statement to SPF

This article is important if you are looking to receiving Notifications or sending emails to clients via CreataCRM. You will have nominated a domain that you would like to send from CreataCRM. Likely, you existing domain. We will need you to add a text record include statement SPF record,on the nominated domain, so the emails are not blocked. We will need you to send this article to the person/organisation managing your domain.

What is a SPF

SPF allows the receiving mail server to check during mail delivery that a mail claiming to come from a specific domain is submitted by an IP address authorized by that domain's administrators. The list of authorized sending hosts and IP addresses for a domain is published in the DNS records for that domain. For more information click here

Add a Include Statement on the SPF record

We need to add "" As you need to insert our record with other white listed domains. Here is examples that are correct and incorrect

For example, if you already have SPF record,like office 365, here is the example


v=spf1 -all

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