All Calendar View

All Calendar View Displays all Calendars in on view, Making easy for users to view different type of calendars when schduling. CreataCRM can be used many different ways, and this new scheduler calender will help change the views relating to your business.

Goto the Calendar views

  1. Navigation Button
  2. Calendar

Calendar View

  1. Token Box users list
  2. Calendar Views
    1. Activity Calendar ( Outlook - Office 365 and Google* Calendar time) Personal Calendar
    2. Tasks Calendar
    3. Project Calendar
    4. Job Calendar (Great if Job doesnt have difffernt times for users) This is more simply solution.
    5. (Next Level) Job Booking Calendar ( Using Scheduling Assistant)
      1. Job Booking is ideal if users are going to be on different times and days
    6. Timesheet Entry (Ideal for Job Costing)
  3. Settings Menu
  4. Change the Time
  5. Change the Calendar View Type
  6. All Day Menu. If teh Item span a day or more.
  7. Display item

Adding Users to Calendar

Edit the Token Box and Add the Users. More users you add the slower it will be

Displayed users

This will group the users to each calendar

Calendar View

  1. You can tick the calendar to view the calendar. This example is Activity
  2. You can Display Users work times, This will display in a light blue, Goto here to add Work Time
  3. Activities for Reece for the 1st of May
    1. Activities are
      1. Calls
      2. Emails
      3. Meeting and Appointments

Adding Other Calendar Views

Added Jobs to the calendar view, this has added the Job Calendar as well as the Activity Calendar, The Job Items are Green

Settings Section

  1. New Item when creating an Activity
  2. Intervals in Minutes
  3. Start Time
  4. End Time
  5. First Day of the Week

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