Making Quick Follow ups Task and reminders in CreataCRM

In CreataCRM, you can make follow up task on Contacts, Companies, Opportunies , Jobs and much more. This article show you how to make a folow up task with a email reminder.

Goto Customer or other item you would like to Follow up task to

In this example we are goto to a Company and create a task

Click on Task button

Follow up reminder task

  1. Subject : This is the title of the follow up
  2. Due On: this is the Date this is due on. If you tick reminder email, this will send on the due date
  3. Send Email Reminder : This is sending a email to the assign users.
  4. Time before the Reminder : This example is 10 mins from the Due Date
  5. Task Type : This is the type of task type. Create to categories your type of tasks. For more information
  6. Description
  7. Assign Users: By default, it will be for you, you ca remove you and add your colleagues to remind them

If set Reminder Email, it will sent a email of the alert on the Due Date

This Email can be customise id needed. The Email Template is called "Task Notification"

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