Building better relationship with Company and contacts

Working inside of CreataCRM and managing your contacts and companies, there is going to be a time when a person in your database will move companies. This is a common question. But the Answer is varied depending outcome you are trying to achieve. This article will explains the obtions, and you can choose which one is right for you.

When creating a contact in CreataCRM, and assign a primary company to the contact, this will do 2 things

A Contact is link 2 ways

  1. Link the Primary Company on the contact as a link to the company
  2. Link the contact to the company

In CreataCRM, there is many types of information we link contacts to like Tasks, Quotes, Activties etc .. which gives the history of the business. But when the contact moves to a new company, What next is a frequent question. This article explains the options, and what you can do next

When creating a tasks, activities, Quotes etc on a contact, it will link these items to its primary company as will as the contact, Which will be displayed on the company history

Option 1 - Create a new Contact

There is 3 options on solving this issue, below is the 3 options

Option 1 : Create a New Contact

This is not ideal, but works. When the contact move to a new contact, create a new contact. What you will have is (2 X Reece Harper) for example one in CreataCRM and the other in Database Partners. However, this may bring confusions. As you start asking yourself who Reece Harper working for ? which is the right one. The advantage is that the history is clean. Meaning all the history Reece from Creatacrm is for CreataCRM etc. And the history for Database Partners is database parters.. However, over time, if that person keeps moving, its going to get a dirty CRM. So if your clients keep moving and you need the history of Reece Harper as a whole, this option is not for you. Likely this method will effect the rating on your marketing results If you do still like this, I would delete the email address as the old contact will bounce, which will effect your marketing rating. If you do need to merge in the future, you can merge the contacts

  1. Goto the contact and edit the Primary company. Likely its a new company, you can just type a new company in and it will create a new company. It goes without saying, you need to change the email address etc,
  2. To be clean, you will also need to unlink the contact from the company. the major advantage is not getting confused when looking at a company view and other marketing processes. But missing this step is terrible.


  1. This will keep existing history (Tasks, Activities and other items like quotes link to that person). For this example below, Steve Jones will still have history from previous company. And you can see who we work for before. Which is a compete history of Steve Jones. The disadvanage is this may confuse you.
  2. Change his details like email, this will keep your database clean, If you are using marketing model. Make sure you resubscribe them if they are unsubscribed,

This option is very particular. The user story likely working with a clients professional team. Like Web Developer, Accountant, Broker etc. Meaning they are working as ABC Chartered Accountants. And your client is called CreataCRM. You would like to add them to the your database. When you need to find that particular contact, you can goto Client first, and look at the contact collection, then that professional service person.

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