Mobile Views

In creataCRM we have mad easy and quick Mobile views for single purchase views for users on the Mobile

To Access the Mobile Views

  1. Click on Client Page Menu

Mobile Menu

  1. My Tasks
  2. My Jobs
  3. My Calendar
  4. All Tasks
  5. All calendar
  6. All Jobs
  7. Timesheets
  8. Quote App

Tasks App

  1. Compete Tasks
  2. View Tasks

My Job App

  1. New Job
  2. Job App give a list of jobs for the Day, Week and Custom Time
  3. View Tasks on Jobs

My Calendar

Mobile View of the Calendar has Day, Week, Work Week, Month and Agenda. this

Quote App

The Quote App allows you to Add Items that come from your Accountancy Package, and then Add the items in, This will also get the discounts from the client. Then you can get the client to sign on the Quote to take the order

Then you cna push into the Accountancy package

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