Contacts Vs Companies

Inside of CreataCRM, we have a Customer view, that is divided into Contacts and Companies. Many people ask what is the difference ? and where do I start ?. This article assist in explaining what are the difference and how it relates to you.

In General

Companies = B2B

Contacts = B2C

People that need to keep the relationship with companies, like wholesalers, Distributors will likely to manage companies first, which would need to create a company first. However, if you are in the end user market, which is selling to the end user market. You would start on the contact level.

What is a Contact

A Contact is like entering in our outlook address book or Phone Book on your mobile. It is his bussiness card information relating to a person.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Office Phone
  4. Mobile
  5. Email Address
  6. Mailing Address

With CreataCRM, we only send email marketing campaigns from the contact fields email address, so if you are focusing on sending email marketing. You will need the add from the contact level. The great thing about CreataCRM, is you can stay in the contact view, and create the Company and contact at the same time.

To access the Contact List view

  1. Click on Customers
  2. Click on Contacts

To Create a Contact many ways

There is a number of ways to create a Contact in CreataCRM, the 2 major ways are

  1. In the contact list view, you can click on the New Button
  2. In the Global Create Btton

The Global create button

Creating a New Contact

Explaining the fields, you can review getting started article

When creating a contact, we are entering the personal details of that person. Like a business card detail.

Things like

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Title
  4. Email

Contact linking to a Company

When adding a Company, you goto the field called Primary Company. Then type in the contact company in this field. This will search on the company table. If the company already exists, it will display this in the search.

For Example below, we type in the company "CreataCRM" This search the company table, and finds CreataCRM, which then links that Company CreataCRM to that contact

Create a Contact from Company

When the company doesnt exist, when, It will not return a result in the company search . You have a paper icon that you can click at the end of the field in he primary company to create a company. Click on the paper icon.

Create a Company from a Contact

This will pre-populate the Name field in the Company, from the search. IE Database Partners. Then click on OK

B2B = Company

if you are needing to manage the company first, you will start on the company view

  1. Click on Customers
  2. Click on Companies

Create a Company

To create company, click on the New button

Create a Contact from a Company

To understand the fields in the Company please goto getting started Once you have Created the new company, You then can create the contact from the company. To do this

  1. click on New
  2. Quick Contact

This will link link the Company to the contact.

Create Contact from Company

This will then link the company "Database Partners" in the Primary Company.

Display many contacts from the Company

With Company management, you will be able to view all the members of the contacts from the company.

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