Addition Features from December 2017 - December 2018 Feature Changes

This document is a basic overview to help existing users see what changes have been made, We can promise to document all changes, but helps with the major feature changes

December 2018 - Cards in the List views

We have added Cards on Most views, which will help you see the results in a single view.

December 2018 - New inline Actions

We have created conditional appearance for the linline Actions. Because certain features have a number of options like Sales Orders for Example. We now limit the actions that meets the criteria. Sales line can Ship and Invoice. If the Line has been invoiced the icon doesnt display.

December 2018 - Search and Quick Create Tag

Allow users to create Tags and Search for tags in the database

December 2018 - Adding Inactive Product Services in CreataCRM

When Making Products and Serices inactive, it will not display in the Quotes, Sales order , invoices etc

December 2018 -Job costing feature

Jobs has Job Costing features

December 2018 - Adding Asset and Site Management for Maintenance Planning

Asset and Site management has arrange of features, for more information Users can create Service Logs for Assets, sites and do maintence plans and service Runs

December 2018 - Sending Quote to Invoice in Groups

You can group your quote into sections like stages, and then invoice a section at a time with the Quote to Invoice Controller

December 2018 - Add Colour Pills and Timers on Quotes

  1. Added Colour Pills for CreataCRM, This has been added to many parts of CreataCRM like Quotes, Leads, Opportunities
  2. Also Added Timers on Quotes

November 2018 - Purchase Order action buttons

Adding Action Buttons for Pruchase orders

November 2018 - Add Product to Tags

You are to Multiple Select and add to Tags for product Service

November 2018 - Job App

New Job App, This is Mobile First. Here is the Video

November 2018 - Add Quote App

Mobile First Quote App

October 2018 - Prevention of Delete Product Services

Added a system tab. If you are looking to delete Product serivce, you need to delete all the transaction

October 2018 - Bulk Add on Quote and sales orders

You can add mutiiple items on a Quote and a group

October 2018 - Price List Wizard

Users can create Rules already in CreataCRM, Like 10% of all products, Explain on this document However add items single items at time we can add editor

October 2018 - Terms

Quotes, invoices and sales orders have terms, which likely sync from your accountancy system, When you create Quote for example will default the customers terms like 14 days, this will calculate due Date. For information

October 2018 - Remove Accounts Table

Removing Accounts table to just only have Customer - Which is Companies and Contacts

October 2018 Add Time sheets

Users can have App to add timesheets of their time. This can be assign job time to the Job for users on the road. Then we can link to your accountancy system

October 2018 - Quick add Customer Feature

Quick add Customer Feature - This allows users to Create a Contact and Company all at once. Then adding this to Quotes, Invoices and Sales orders. This allows you to do a Quick Quote and Create the Company/Contact quickly

. This is ideal for users that are used to Accountancy packages, and need one form to create Company and Contact contcat name in one screen.

September 2018

New Component editors inside of CreataCRM, This means we have greater flexibility in changing and customising the formulas. We are able to add different columns and different calculations to in Quote inline editors. Job Editors and much more

We also added grouping to total groups on a quote or job.

This change did

  1. Quote
  2. Invoice
  3. Sales order
  4. Jobs
  5. Purchase orders

Added Bulk lines

September 2018

Client Page Apps

Mobile First View

  1. App for Tasks
  2. App fir Jobs Example
  3. App for Calendar

    New Editors

We have develop new Editors for Quotes, Invoices, Sales orders and Pruchase orders. As more and more clients ask for more variations on the editors. We create a new editor to make it easy for us to customise online.

Drag and Drop imager for Prodcut service uploader

August 2018

Phone systems now upload recording to s3

Create Recommended Products from the accounact systems

Created Asset Booking

Creating intelligent tags

Create Action page on views

We now create Actions that can be customised per site. Below this has connective steps push action buttons follow a process.

July 2018

Quick Create on a Quote Editor

Add Terms for Quotes and Invoices

New Overview Editor

June 2018

Shipment Runs

Adding Prepayment for Xero, MYOB and Reckon

Recommended prices on Quotes

New Form Builder editor

May 2018

Payment gateway supports stripe

April 2018

Development of client facing and internal forms

New Job and Project timeline

March 2018

Job Sign off Page

Febuary 2018

Client Portals Like Accepting a Quote

Client Apps Quote App

New sales process

January 2018

Add Maps feature

Merging Contacts and Companies

Model Editor : Improvement in model editor to speed up the process of changes. Clients request of small changes, we can now make changes on the server quickly on certain elements

New SMTP server:

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