Customise the Activity Type for Activities

When using the calendar or creating a Activity, you may like to add/remove or change the standard Activity type

The Standard Activity Type are

  1. Appointment
  2. Call
  3. Meeting
  4. Note
  5. Sales Call
  6. Sales Meeting
  7. To-Do

However there is a need for a addition Activity Type Feature you can follow the below instructions

Goto the Activties Type Settings

  1. Click on the Navigation Hamburger Button on the tope right
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Activities
  5. Click on Activity Type

Activity Type

You will have a list of activities you have in the database. To Create a new Activity Type.

Click on New

Activity Type

  1. Color is display on the Calendar
  2. Is Default, if the first Activity display in the drop down menu
  3. Is Touchpoint = This is when you would like to display on a contact the last time this contact was touch.
  4. Name of the Activity Type
  5. Visible on Calendar means that this activity displays on the calendar inside of CreataCRM
  6. Is Quick Create, In the Quick create on a contact and company it will display in the drop down menu
  7. Products = When invoice, in Jobs to invoice or activity to invoice, the time on the activity will calculate on (product X the time on the activity).
  8. Then Save Close

Adding a Clear Activity to a Activity Type

If you would like to create complete activity type for reports or other purpose, you can

  1. Click ont he New Button in the ClearedTypes

Clear Activities

  1. Strike out is cross through on Calendar
  2. Is Sucessful is connected to touch point. Displaying the last tounch point with that person.
  3. Name of the Clear Type
  4. Connected to invoices.
  5. Save and Closed

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